Learn to cook with me...

I am passionate about teaching people to eat food that is inspired by the world's vast and diverse kitchen.


I believe that learning to cook helps to empower and inform the way we approach nutrition and food consumption, as well as reveals the stories and history associated within each cultures unique cuisine. 

Classes focus on learning to enhance your own home kitchen with new and creative plant-based approaches to familiar recipes. 

Each class focuses on specific culinary techniques (i.e. knife skills), how to diminish personal food waste, as well as learning to customize food to fit your own palette and lifestyle. 

Classes are announced via email. 

To join in on the fun please add your full name and email below to be added to the email announcement list



Chelsea’s cooking classes are amazing! She offers helpful cooking tips, interesting facts about ingredients, and creates a super fun environment for learning. I love getting to learn something new each class and I always leave feeling inspired to get cooking!

-G. Gipson 


Chelsea’s online classes make cooking so accessible! She creates an easy going approach to recipes and using ingredients that anyone could benefit from whether you’re a beginner or an expert. She’s given me the confidence to try things I would never have thought to attempt on my own! Can’t wait to learn more with her.

-L. Johnson 


Such an enjoyable experience. Well organized and well prepared.

I finish one and can't wait for the next!

-K. Rajendran 

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