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.Plant-Based Sushi Collaboration.

.Plant-Based Sushi.

Cooking collaboration with private sushi chef Nicholas Rush Butler and photographer Marika Andrews.

Nick and I grew up together in Sacramento and were high school friends (a long time ago!) We recently reconnected on Instagram and thought it might be fun to collaborate on a plant-based sushi roll.

Initially I thought my job was to make a spicy vegan mayo and simply learn to make a roll... What I didn’t know was that I’d also be cooking up some veggies to put inside the roll as well as other dishes (stay tuned). Not knowing I was going to be “cooking on the fly” was seriously one of the best parts... I had to stay out of my head and just cook from the heart. Here is a breakdown of the roll we made together:

Spicy blistered Shishito peppers, green apples, bean sprouts, avocado, furikake, and spicy vegan mayo. I can’t say enough good things about this collaboration...

It was eye-opening, inspiring, creative, and flowed naturally. I learned so much about sushi, knife skills, plating, textures, and I hope I passed on a few veggie tricks of my own... If there is one thing in life I never want to stop doing, that’s learning. Too many of us are scared to try. Too scared to try new foods, step out of our comfort zone, too scared to “not know it all”... But, that journey is what excites me most about food! It’s a process of learning, discovery, and joy.

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Link for Nick: https://www.facebook.com/so.live.n.da.moment/photos/a.545060325673522/1501786330000912/?type=3&theater

Link for Marika:


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